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(no subject)  
02:43pm 24/04/2010
Today is the 3rd day of my three day weekend. I am SOOO tempted to take one more day off tomorrow, but I definitely can't afford it. I'm taking my resume on Monday to a collection agency that is looking for data entry people. Not the highest pay, but more than I make now, possibly M-F and possibly 4 day work week instead of 5. I'm down with that. I can work a part time job elsewhere the other two days, so long as I have Sunday off.

I'm making red sauce right now. I had purchased ginormous cans of crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce around New Year's time, finally breaking into them. Going to make a ton of the sauce, freeze most of it, and just defrost it when it's time for a week of pasta meals. Yum!

I finished watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Wow, soft core porn, seriously rivaling that of 2 a.m. Cinemax showings and tons of violence. They showed a guy's face being cut off. Ew. Can't wait for the second season. Unfortunately, the star has early stage non Hodgkins Lymphoma, so they had to put some stuff on hold for a while. But, if you want to see Xena naked, this is the show to watch.

Watched season 5 of Weeds also, now I can't wait for season 6 to get on the netflix. C'mon! hurry up!

Now to clean the litterbox and do some sweeping. I really need to vacuum, but I don't feel like waking up the kitties. They are sleeping so soundly and quietly and cutely. I'll just finish the litter, check on the sauce, and go from there.

Wow, that was a spectacularly boring post
mood: not very entertainingnot very entertaining
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(no subject)
11:51pm 24/04/2010 (UTC)
i wondered about Rome and The Tudors. I'll have to check those both out. Gotta stay occupied. :)
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