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01:24am 29/04/2010
I haven't posted a lot recently because, well, there isn't much to talk about. I still hate my job, I still haven't paid the mortgage, it's getting hot again and I got picked to do a survey for the Census.

I did apply and interview at Geico. I usually get to the interview and that is where I bomb it every time. I don't know why. Maybe I should stop being honest. I should hopefully know more by Friday. If it's a rejection, they'll wuss and send me an email.

I made "A" player at work. That means $1 more per hour. We'll see how long that stays, eh?

If I don't get the Geico job, then I have an in at a restaurant. I can go do prep work part time in the mornings. It's a perfect little gig, and I could actually afford to pay all my bills. It was weird that I ran into my old boss, but I guess a good fall back.

I wonder if the universe is lining things up for me to go either way.

The state I live in is becoming more and more ridiculous. Seriously, they are going to get their own tag soon on Fark if they keep this up. If they haven't already.

I bought a cookbook. It had a good recipe for pecan pie.

Loretta is sleeping behind me, she snores, it's adorable.

I've started reading some Howard Zinn.

I'm contemplating getting involved in a few campaigns for candidates.

I need to do more exercise, I've been really slacking off lately.

And now I go to bed.
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