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(no subject)  
01:00am 19/05/2010
The MGP saga just gets better and better. After the Broadway manager took over my old store, things were going along okay, except, of course, for the manager running two stores, but he seemed to be doing well. Then Dipshit decided that he didn't want to be the assistant at the 4th Ave store, he needed his own place, so, he calls and cries to mommie who says to give him my old store. He goes in, they repaint (during business hours while drinking beers, no less. Some guys that Uncle Mike knew), bring in some new stuff, I think they finally fixed the a/c.

Well, you see, he wants the 4th Ave store. Seriously, I don't know what it is about this store that makes managers insane, but they all want that store. Except for me, I knew it was a soul suck if you were actually going to run it properly, you would have ZERO life outside of work. No thanks. They are demoting the manager there and putting in Dipshit.

Now, the smart thing would be to make Supervisor Twin the GM of my old store. She knows what she is doing, she is smart and she is quite capable. I think she would be a great choice and could probably get that store back in the black. Ah, but see, they are afraid this one guy is going to quit, so they dangle it in front of him, only to snatch it away and give it to a different supervisor from the 4th Ave store. Why not give it to Supervisor Twin? Because she doesn't have a car. *shakes head*

Texting with R this afternoon, who filled me in on all of this, I nominated either Vera or a case of cheese to take over the job is Supervisor Twin can't do it, they would probably get more work done. She figured the pepperoni should have a shot. :)

And those of you who can, please go to www.tucsonweekly.com and vote for Brooklyn Pizza as the best pizza, I'd like to see year 2 of the ol' MGP not winning :) :) :)
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
(no subject)
07:59pm 19/05/2010 (UTC)
Oh yeah, at this point, since I don't work there anymore, it's just "Oh, MGP, you morons. tsk tsk tsk"

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
(no subject)
07:58pm 19/05/2010 (UTC)
Um, only one of the most delicious creations to honor our existence on the planet. It's a hot dog, wrapped in bacon, with tomatoes and onions and...here's wiki: "The Sonoran hot dog, found in Tucson, Metro Phoenix, and in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, is a hot dog grilled in a processor or on a griddle, wrapped in Mesquite-smoked bacon, topped with freshly-chopped tomatoes, onions, shredded yellow or cotijo cheese, tomatillo salsa or red chili sauce, pinto beans, mayonnaise, ketchup and/or mustard, and served on bread. Often served with a fresh-roasted chili."

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(no subject)
06:51pm 19/05/2010 (UTC)
Wednesday Lee Friday: Dimitri
I have also been dicked out of management gigs because I don't drive. I don't understand how that is not overtly discriminatory, when driving is NOT required as a function of the job.
picword: Dimitri
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(no subject)
08:00pm 19/05/2010 (UTC)
I can *almost* understand it from a standpoint of at this place, the manager has to be able to perform every function, from cook to driver, so it kind of makes sense. however, her sister is a driver there, so she has access to a car and, if she was making more money, then she would be able to purchase one for herself.

it just sucks that they are using that as their main reason for not promoting her. Then again, they aren't known for their good decision making skills.
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