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The phones went down 3 times today. The first time, it was about a 2 minute outage, right as my lunch started, so I didn't get any of those benefits. Second was around 11:30 or so, you just heard multiple agents saying, "Hello? Hello? Sir/Ma'am?". The third time was at 11:57. YAY!! I can only hope that the mice have finally chewed through the wires and we all get paid days off and candy falls from the sky.

I can dream, right?

The girl next to me tonight was very nice to a guy who called in, patiently explaining what had already been explained to him about four times, of course...he became belligerent and started to cuss and swear and yell. She gave him the warning and boop, he was gone. I love the release button. I told her that I hoped I got him next. :)

A guy last night accused me of stealing his pin card (the refill cards you buy at the store to add money to the account if you don't have or don't want your credit card involved) and putting it on my account. Instead of explaining to him that I am on a contract, I just let him know that I didn't appreciate being called a thief and that he would need to take the card back to the store to have them make sure that it was rung through the register properly. I had fun hanging up on him. The girl next to me (different one this time) said, "Damn, you told him off. I've never heard you talk like that!" I explained that it was my "manager" voice, I can be sweet and nice and fake like I give a shit, but you do not insult me. :)

I lost fantastically at Scrabble today. And now, I'm just waiting for Lost to be put online so I can watch it and go to sleep.

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