LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

I had a second interview today with a new location of a restaurant opening today. I arrived a few minutes early, like I normally do, just in case, and, you know, to show that I'm a prompt, reliable, responsible type person.

I wait for twenty more minutes (not counting the minutes that I was early) and the guy I'm supposed to meet with is finally available. I understand, you are staffing a whole restaurant, it's going to be pretty hectic. We go into another room and sit down. He looks over a few things, asks a few questions, namely why I left the MGP, I explain burnout at a management level, what was going on with the extra work being added on, less hours for everyone else, etc. He nods, I explain that there were quite a few managers who kind of left within weeks of each other. He nods again, makes a few noises. Not quite grunts, but not "uh huh" either, somewhere in between. I say, I want back in to the restaurant business, but for now, I'd really just like to be on the server or kitchen level, I'm not ready to go back into management yet. har har har

And he tells me that due to staffing needs, blah blah blah, doesn't need me right now. He is REALLY sorry (and, unless he was an awesome actor, he kind of seemed sympathetic) and that I seemed like a nice person, but couldn't hire me.


I'm just wondering, did he know this before I got there? If so, why not just call me and let me know instead of me having to schlep all the way over there and back? It was over 100 degrees out today, don't make me drive around in this heat if I don't have to!

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