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(no subject)  
07:02pm 02/07/2010
I come bearing bad news for you all.

I had to quit the call center.

They would not approve the month absence (unpaid) or the move to part time. Why?

It's not for medical or schooling reasons.


Their loss, but yours too. You won't be able to hear the crazy stories of the wacky world of Big Red customers.

Take heart! I shall be looking for a part time job, possibly in the food service or retail sector, so I'll be back with more amazing stories of idiocy and rudeness soon. I promise!
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(no subject)
03:04am 03/07/2010 (UTC)
Wednesday Lee Friday: Eye of Wednes
Congrats. I can probably fill in for you while you're in between horrible gigs.
picword: Eye of Wednes
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(no subject)
05:12am 03/07/2010 (UTC)
Frank Lloyd Wrong: Network
Awesome! I hope you told them all to fuck themselves.
picword: Network
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