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I just finished watching Julie & Julia. I thought it was a charming movie. Probably not one that I would watch over and over again (my reasoning for purchasing DVDs at this point), but maybe once again in the next few years.

I'm in the middle of watching Daria, the complete series. I'm still on season 1, and ohh, the memories. I always liked to think I was a bit like Daria, maybe with a splash of Jane thrown in. Of course, Trent was the hottest cartoon EVAR.

I met another coworker today. She's mostly going to be doing reports, which is good because I still don't know how to write those. I'll be learning how to do a discharge summary on Wednesday. Once I get the access I need, I can start doing some work from home. Until I get internet access, though, I'll probably either keep going into work or go to the library. I'll have to start scoping out the other libraries in town so I can find a more private work area. The library I usually go to doesn't have an area where no one else can look at your screen. I'll try the Himmel library next.

The other thing we talked about is that a lot of people use this company as their 2nd job, too. That could be pretty interesting. They have some openings right now for essentially, glorified babysitters. I have to get the certifications first, but I think that could be good. 20 hours a week running after kids? I could do that. :)

My HOA kind of screwed me over for the month. It is partially my fault. I didn't read the email properly that the manager sent back. She was asking for a clarification in this "sentence": Ok. [name of complex here] and then it has email signature.

It was the lack of ? that made me scan over it and think everything was taken care of. *sigh* At least I'll have the smaller payment next month instead. Just kind of irksome is all. It's just as well, need to get back on the stop eating fast food train.

Ok. Time to go watch some Daria, go to bed and then start all over again tomorrow. Gah! It's almost like a normal life starting to form. I don't know how I feel about it.

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