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I think one of my wisdom teeth is coming in. My mouth just feels funny in this one area. I've been swishing with Listerine like a mad woman in case it's an infection. I should really just go see a dentist. I think I'll see if Mindy can make me an appointment with her brother in law. But, before I even go in see if I can get financed. I can't afford a visit right now. Well, I probably could, but I really would like to save as much money as possible right now.

Work is going great. I really like it there. Haven't completely ruined everything yet, so that's good. Hopefully this week's payroll will go off without a hitch.

I'm going to drive home tomorrow night. Not something I really feel like doing, but I want to make good use of my weekend of no school. So, I figured going home would be a good use of that time.

Okay, off to do a bit of laundry and just fool around on the internet for awhile. Toodles!

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