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(no subject)  
12:29pm 20/07/2010
I'm so freaking sleepy right now. I don't know if it's the over 8 hours of sleep, the lack of nicotine, the fact that I'm actually chilly in the office, or the fact that the lights are off in the office right now. Yes, the lights. We have the blinds open.

I'm kind of at a stopping point right now on my report writing because there are some that I don't know if they are done, but they just haven't made their way to be filed or what. The people I would ask about that aren't here right now. I'm starting to see how they got into the crazy we need a QA staff mess they are in, there's no followthrough. Good thing I'm a hardass.

I only have three more hours to kill before I can leave and go home and get ready to watch Hell's Kitchen. Yay! I think I'll treat myself to some Eegee's for dinner. Watermelon eegee...mmmmmmmm
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(no subject)
03:50pm 21/07/2010 (UTC)
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Mmmmm, I miss Eegees... but we have a Boba Bar here which is almost as good and comes in many more varieties, including milkteashakes along with an eegee-like frozen juice drink. Still, a Chinese food place cannot a watermelon eegee make.
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