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(no subject)  
07:18pm 24/07/2010
I'm thinking of becoming a nomad. Not in the most recognizable definition of the word, but getting an RV (or somewhat liveable camper type thing) and go to a new city every 5-6 months and just be. Well, there would be some working involved, but you know, whatever.

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(no subject)
02:37am 25/07/2010 (UTC)
Frank Lloyd Wrong: Flyin' Dandy
Have you looked into towable micro-homes? Lots of people are doing this sort of thing. I think it is good.
picword: Flyin' Dandy
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(no subject)
02:45am 25/07/2010 (UTC)
ooohhh no. that sounds like a good plan. I just need to make sure the litter box stays in one place. The kitties would be hitting the road with me, too.
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(no subject)
02:59am 25/07/2010 (UTC)
Frank Lloyd Wrong
Check out this site:


and click around from there.
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(no subject)
03:25am 25/07/2010 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Hypnotic Squares
It might be just as affordable to use hotels for short stays and month-to-month studio apartments for longer stays. RVs guzzle a lot of gasoline. I think it's possible to modify them, though, to make them run on alternate fuels. I don't know much about that, though.
picword: Hypnotic Squares
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(no subject)
12:02am 26/07/2010 (UTC)
Nihil Obstat
Well, you'd make Elkhart, Indiana happy, at least. Guzzles a hell of a lot of gas, though.
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