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05:43pm 28/07/2010
There was a helicopter crash this afternoon in town. About a couple of miles from work. I was stamping some mail that needed to go out and happened to look out the window. There was a huge plume of thick black smoke east of the office. Weird. Didn't look like the smoke from a controlled burn of trees and stuff, but more like gasoline or something. Then, 8 motorcycle cops go flying down Miracle Mile, 3 cruisers follow shortly thereafter. WTF? I leave work and instead of hopping on the freeway, head towards the mayhem. The smoke is gone, so I guess the fire is out. Interesting, it's already out? Wow.

There is a huge area already taped off as I get closer to the area. It wasn't until the evening news that I got to find out what it was. Helicopter crash. It was a medivac chopper, but there was no patient on board, on the pilot and two other flight crew. One person died. :(

Ok, time to start doing some work. I left the office so that I could work from home. I don't know how far I'll get into it, but I'm hoping to be asleep by 9 or 10 p.m.

Edit: all three of the people on the helicopter died. :(
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