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10:25pm 30/07/2010
The love seat is gone. The dining room table actually isn't just shoved and forgotten on a wall. The living and dining rooms are vacuumed, the kitchen is pretty clean (especially the floor, thanks parilous!). It's wonderful when things are in order. At least for a while.

My dining room chairs aren't very comfy to sit in for long periods of time. I moved the laptop over to the dining room table so that I could do some work tonight so I don't have to do a full eight hours tomorrow at work. My bum is a little sore. The tortures we go through for work. :)

Vera and Loretta <3 the cat nip that they got from footnotefetish. Vera was very much digging it while she laid there all kinds of stoned on the stuff. Loretta is just slumped over the recliner. It's pretty funny to watch, actually.

I think I may contact HUD this week to set up an appointment and see what I can do about not going into foreclosure. I haven't received anything from the lenders yet, but I'd like to start seeing how much time I either a) have left in the house, or b) I can have to start making payments again (maybe get the ball rolling on a modification).

The dump (where we took the love seat) was stinky, but I only caught whiffs of the stench every now and again. Ahhh the memories it brought back. But, I got rid of the furniture, a few bags of trash and the paint cans from when I bought the place a few years ago. YAY! All for $10 plus an Eegee's. mmmmm Eegee's. Tomorrow is the last day for watermelon, I shall get mine before I head into work. mmmmmmm

The rain is lovely. I think it may be cooler outside than it is in the house right now, but I don't want to open the windows and everything gets wet. So, the a/c stays on. But, since it's cooler out, I may drop down the temp a bit since it won't have to work so hard. I bought a new air filter today, too. Woo! that was a crazy clap of thunder right now. I probably should get off this thing. hmmmm.
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(no subject)
06:32pm 31/07/2010 (UTC)
Why We Cite: History Channel
I'm corrupting your cats. Maybe while they have the munchies, they'll start begging you for those hippie cat treats, too!
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