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(no subject)  
03:37pm 31/07/2010
It's a lovely overcast day today. I didn't want to get out of bed because it was perfect for sitting around on my bum. Alas I came into work only to find that I couldn't find the list for the reports I was going to (hopefully) get completed today. Instead, I futzed around with reports that I needed to get typed up after handwriting them. I'm also playing around with an Excel spreadsheet. parilous taught me how to do data validation drop down menus. She is the excel guru. for realsies, yo. Now, I just need to figure out what the lady wants for her monthly tallies page. I think with a little work, I could really get this looking sexy with colored blocks and stuff. If the lady wants that. I mostly just like to format cells in excel. :) The 16 page list that I started with is down to about 13 pages. So, 3 pages down, 13 more to go. Mostly it's signatures. I've mailed out a bunch of stuff. Once I've done that, there really isn't much more that I can do, it gets marked off the list and it's out of my hair.

I'm going to Nimbus tonight for one of my old coworkers (MGP) birthday party. I've only had one meal there and it was mediocre. Dinner better be tastier or I will be severely disappointed.

The keyboard is sticky here at work. I think someone was eating whilst typing. tsk tsk.

I spent my afternoon (while working) listening to Die Walkure as done by the L.A. Opera. Placido Domingo is Siegmund. Even though I have no idea what is going on (it's in German after all), the music is fantastic. I really love Wagner.

Ok. I'm gonna finish up some cut and paste and then head on home. I can't really stretch this out any longer. I feel bad for what I stretched it to at this point. At the same time, I think I can rationalize a little paid time off since I had to pay for my fingerprint and background check. So, if I go with that, I have three more unpaid hours I can claim. :)
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(no subject)
01:12am 01/08/2010 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Zia McCabe
The keyboard is sticky here at work. I think someone was eating whilst typing.

Well, let's hope that's the reason.
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