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Writer's Block: In the summertime

What is the best summer job you've ever had?

It wasn't a job, it was an internship. I loved it. I worked for the local rock station back home in Florida. I got so many free concerts, CDs, shirts, stickers, etc that it was a little ridiculous. I worked for the promotions department and honestly, some of the nicest people I have ever met. There was Jim Moore (I think that was his radio name, but that's what we called him anyways), and he was the most delicious man I'd ever laid eyes on. And he was a sweetheart to boot. He left to go into a grad school program up north. There was Steve Clark. I still keep in touch with him through FB. Another of my radio loves. And kind of like a boss to me, too.

I got to be on the air once, with Taylor Morgan. I donated a bunch of my 80s music CDs to build up her library for her retro lunch show. She was great.

One of my best summers ever. Oh 1999, how I miss thee.
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