LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

I am so freaking tired!!!

I didn't sleep well last night. Work wasn't much better as I didn't have that much to do. I did work on the spreadsheet a bit, the one we use for our payroll. I put all the names in alphabetical order so that it is easier for me and Angelica to wade through. Don was not in a good mood today either. His day didn't start out very happy as his printer stopped printing in straight lines. So, I switched out his printer with Angelica's since she doesn't use it and hooked it up for him. The whole time he's complaining that it's never going to work and it's all a big waste of time. *sigh* Sometimes being around negative energy drains me completely. I wanted to smack him in the head.

I pretty much goofed off all day in between working on the spreadsheet. Tomorrow I will do some actual work as we have to get the payroll in order and have it ready to call in on Wednesday. I'd really like to get a system going where it's all done by Monday afternoon and called in by Tuesday. I would also like Don to get caught up so he can be in a better mood. We'll see how this week goes before I suggest I take on some more responsibilities. I'm going to be handling some of the "notice to owners" and "notice of commencements". They probably don't take much time. I also need to update quickbooks with al of the employee info. Okay, anyways, dinner is ready. Later

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