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06:34pm 05/08/2010
It's starting to rain. Yay! I love listening to the thunder rumbling.

I've been sitting here figuring out finances and what not and have discovered that I could rent a place for about $400 a month that is probably a little smaller than this one, but may be cuter and without all of the headaches of homeownership AND have a little left over every month (or juuuuust enough to eke by if I decline to take a second job).

I'm okay with this. I think that this may be my next step. Just sit here until the foreclosure starts, start selling some of my stuff off, trade with Bookman's, go to Goodwill and then be ready to move when it's time to move. I'll miss this place, but you know what, it's a learning experience. It also lessens my ties with the city. If I need to move from Tucson, then I won't have to worry about selling the place or getting a property manager to rent it for me, instead, I find a subletter and go from there. I'm feeling this freedom from it that I truly love.

If I do take the second job, then I just save that money up for either the great nomad adventure OR to use towards the purchase of a place somewhere else or in town. I think the mistake that I made was that I did it too soon. I was all about getting something under my belt before the age of 30 that was all me. I couldn't succeed at other things, but dammit, I could buy property.

It's kind of exciting, to start thinking about what new place I could go to. There are quite a few little adorable cottages and studios around town that are available for less than $400 a month. I'm digging this feeling. :) :) :)
mood: free!!!free!!!
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