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(no subject)  
08:33pm 09/08/2010
I am typing from home right now on my shiny new netbook from work. Oh, it's sexy baby. Although, I'll need to remember to shut off the touchpad, I will be using my old wireless mouse with this thing. I hate the touchpads.

It's really freaking tiny. I should post pix, I'll do so later. :)

Got quite a bit done at work, which is good. I need to do some reports and stuff here in a minute. That should be good times. I'll have to be supervigilant on a couple of the kiddos who are considered "intensive" to make sure that all there stuff is on ON THE DOT BUDDY!

I wonder how long the N key is going to last on this keyboard. It'll be interesting to find out.
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(no subject)
06:03pm 10/08/2010 (UTC)
I think because my fingers will sometimes rest on the N and M keys, they tend to fade way faster than any other keys. On my personal laptop there is a shiny spot on the spacebar where my thumb rests. it's weird, like the oil in my fingers is super acidic or something. I AM ACID GIRL!!
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