LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

I have either caught the plague or am suffering from allergies. I haven't figured it out yet. I've taken a daytime nasal decongestant for now, hopefully that works a bit. I shall be abusing the night time stuff later on this evening.

I am also drinking copious amounts of hot tea with honey. Mmmmmm honey.

When I got home last night and promptly fell asleep thirty minutes later, I should have known something was up. Of course, I woke three hours later and couldn't fall back to sleep, however, was completely drenched in sweat due to a fever breaking. Nice.

I got about an hour of work done today at the office due to illness and the fact that the stupid remote connection was down so that I could access the info for the reports I need to write. *sigh* Hopefully it will be fixed later tonight so I don't have as many hours to make up on Saturday.

I think I have another fever going on right now because I am sweating like crazy even though I have a fan pointed at me. Ugh. Even the cold shower didn't help that much.

I'm going to go lie down and watch a movie, possibly nap, and then get back up for the night time meds.

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