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Jeremy Renner is cute in a goofy way. Just wanted to share that with you.

Anyways, talked to mom today. She's been battling fevers since her surgery on Monday. If she doesn't have one tonight, then she gets to go home in the morning. She's pretty happy about that.

I talked to her about the move out date for the house. They've already got a new place lined up. And possibly moving there in the next two weeks. I asked if they wanted me to come out and help go through nearly three decades of stuff and if they did, they'd need to pay for a plane ticket because I can't afford it. She said she would talk to my dad to see if he wants the help or not.

She's not very happy with the move as it is not the place that they were originally looking at. Instead of a modular home it's an actual double wide trailer. *sigh* I have nothing against trailers, but, you know there is a stigma. However, it's a 55+ park, so at least it's people she can hang out with during the day. Lots of retirees in there and since it's getting near the winter, she'll have lots of people to choose from. I think if I can make her see that, she'll be a little happier about the move.

I started on a headache today, don't know why. It's starting to ebb a bit, but I really have no motivation to do what needs to get done around here. Bleh.

Fun story! I was at Fry's (grocery store) the other night (I think it was Wednesday) and was approached by a guy with a kid in his cart. "Excuse me, ma'am? Do you know where the bread crumbs are?"
"Uh, no, not off the top of my head. I don't shop here that often."
"My wife gave me the list and it's on the list and I need Italian bread crumbs for the meatloaf. But, I don't know where they are. It's on the list! I have to get it."
"Maybe in the bread aisle? I'm not really sure, I'm very sorry."
"Ok, I'll go check, thank you."

Seriously, it was like he was about to cry. The guy who was with him seemed amazed at being in a grocery store, like it was some magical food wonderland. I wander to the aisle I sent him to since I needed something from there and he really looks like he's going to cry now.
"All I can find are bread mixes and flour. I need bread crumbs."
"I'm really sorry, I have no idea where they are, this place isn't laid out very well."
His friend comes towards him and says, "Hey, I found them! They are in aisle 3."
"Ah, of course, aisle 3! There you go. Glad you found your bread crumbs."

Quite amusing. Once he had the bread crumbs, I ran into him later down a different aisle, he seemed much more relaxed. I guess she really made him understand the importance of the list and the bread crumbs. :)

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