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(no subject)  
11:45pm 03/10/2010
I bought a Zip-It for my shower drain. It was pretty much disgusting what I pulled out of the drain, but now my tub is draining like a champ. This makes me happy.

Instead of doing the cleaning/organizing I was wanting to do, I passed out for four hours with some really weird dreams about work and other things. Crazy.

The weather was lovely yesterday, nice and rainy. And this evening it sounded like it was going to be a downpour, but it was all bluster. Sad. Supposedly, Friday is when the weather breaks and the 80s start being the high. I can't wait. Ugh. To be able to walk around in a long sleeved shirt and not want to die will be fantastic. However, it's predicted to be a dry winter :(

I'm pretty close to a part time job, so that's good for me. I can start getting money saved for my big vacation and just having a cushion in general. My paycheck is pretty much gone, but the bills are paid, so that makes it ok by me.

I wish I had something more interesting to share. Oh yes! My bedroom light switch controls the power in the living room. Nifty, huh?
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(no subject)
08:33pm 04/10/2010 (UTC)
As I said previously, I think you should make a plaque for the lightswitch that says, "DO NOT TURN OFF; PREVENTING APOCALYPSE". I can recommend a place to get that done, if you want. ;-)
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(no subject)
08:47pm 04/10/2010 (UTC)
Maybe I could route it to an island where some guy has to push a button and a series of numbers every 45 minutes. You know, for funsies.
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