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I got my email from Target today. They are unable to offer me a position at this time. No explanation, obviously. I officially begin my Target boycott today. :)

So, time to start over on the second job search. I didn't really want to work overnights anyway, so it all works out. Plus, it was on the weekends. Ugh. I'm trying avoid weekends, mostly Sundays. I'll start the search again with delivery driver jobs instead. I can work in the morning during the week and then work this main job in the afternoon into the evening and still get Sundays off. That's what I really want. Sundays off. ahhhhh

Now, if only I could some motivation going to get to work here. I think it's still kind of overwhelming. And filing. I hate filing. There are days when it can be enjoyable, but for the most part, ugh. Ok. I need to print out some pages I typed up and troll craigslist for restaurant jobs.

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