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04:50pm 31/10/2010
Went to the Tucson satellite rally. Very sane and subdued. The "Headless AZ Bodies for Brewer" were pretty interesting. Got a lot of compliments on my sign. Couldn't see the TV that was broadcasting it, so I just listened. I did get to watch Sam Waterston though. Squee!

Had some lunch later, took a nap, and then wound up going out with some ol' MGP peeps. The celebration was canceled because, well, while Uncle Mike is gone, there is residual idiocy remaining. The lead idiot decided to bring back her son as a GM because the store couldn't run without him. Uhhh, the supervisors are going out of their way to let him go home, it goes smoother with him gone.

I can only hope that stuff works out this coming week. Otherwise, I have to wait until January. Ugh.

Today I'm just sitting around. I do need to get some food prep done, though. I guess I'll get started on that in a few minutes. C-Span has streaming video of the rally for those who didn't get to watch it. You can find it here: http://c-span.org/Watch/Media/2010/10/30/HP/R/40153/Rally+to+Restore+Sanity+andor+Fear+Today+in+Washington.aspx

I'm too lazy to make a link. :)

Have a happy halloweenie!
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