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See that guy in my icon? Yeah. That's how one of the cooks was Friday night. *sigh*

I worked with him a bit on Monday night, but since it wasn't really busy I didn't get to see it fully in action. Maybe I should back up a bit.

As I stated in a post a bit before the New Year, I was rehired at ye olde MGP as a delivery driver at the store I used to manage. The lady who is going to be the new General Manager is someone I hired back in my days as GM. She's fantastic and she will do a great job. I recommended her when I was leaving but, for whatever reason, she wasn't offered the position. They've finally seen the light I guess. I don't know how it came to be that I was to be offered this position, but I got the call from D, the accountant, and she told me that I could have it if I wanted with the understanding that I'm a driver not a manager. I concurred as I have a fantastic full time job and just need some extra cash. She asked if I would mind being a resource for the new GM for information if she needed it, and I agreed as I had absolutely no problem helping her out. I like this lady, so no problem. Then she mentions that one of the corporate managers expressed concern with hiring me back at this store because I might "try to take over". Uhhhh, let's back up a moment, shall we? I have already expressed to him that I totally love this job that I have and that I have no desire to go back into management at this time or in the near future. If I wanted to go back and manage for this company, when I went to speak with D originally I would have said, "Hi, D! I'd like to manage again. Do you have a store for me?"

Anyways, I was originally scheduled for the week to have 3 days: a long shift on Monday and two mid shifts on Tuesday and Wednesday (working 4-8 p.m.). Perfect. I told C, the new GM, that I was happy to help her out on Monday during the day for a while until she got a handle on how to do paperwork and then I would need to be put on nights because of my other job. My other job was cool with that, too. I get a call Tuesday afternoon asking if I can close that night instead of working mid-shift. *sigh* Sure, I says, what happened? Other driver's car is broken. I'll be the only driver. Perfect, that means more money for me. It was a pretty good crew working and since it was a Tuesday, it had a nice flow to it, so I made good money, deliveries were out on time, everything was great.

I got a call on Thursday to see if I could come in and work on Friday morning. I reminded them I had a day job and couldn't do that on such short notice but I was happy to work the evening shift if the mid-shift night driver wanted to work the day shift. No problem. Great. Oh, can you work Saturday, too? And Sunday?

The other driver that they wanted to start getting rid of (and whose car broke on Tuesday) got a DUI. *sigh* We'll discuss the other days when I come in to the store. Excellent. Get it all figured out. I'll work Saturday night and another driver will get Sunday instead and I get the day off. Excellent since I have to go into work because my Saturday shift got cut short since I agreed to work.

Ok. That's the driving drama. Let's get back to Mr. Run Around And Do Nothing Pants. No one there likes this guy as an employee. He's a nice enough man, but he is terrible as a cook. You see, he's slow. Not in the head (although, that could be debatable) but he just doesn't have the hustle, especially not on a Friday night. I'm trying to leave on a delivery, but I'm stuck at the counter because he's engrossed in making sure that the pizza screens are organized in the rack. I make a comment about how someone needs to work the counter so I can take people their food. Unfortunately, the supervisor took the counter. During a lull later, I take an order and he sees the ticket and walks away. There is no other cook available (the supervisor was doing something supervisory and the other cook was in the bathroom) to make this order and he just WALKS AWAY. I can't say anything. I'm not the manager. It's driving me crazy. During a mini-rush he is cracking jokes and chatting while doing nothing, even though he is constantly in motion. It gives the appearance that he is busy. The other driver, Chris, is the only one who calls N out on his malarkey and says in response to his terrible joke, "Hey, what did the three pizzas say as they were coming out of the oven? CUT ME!".

This guy needs to go and be replaced with someone who can actually do the job the way it needs to be done. Oh, and don't get me started on his milking the clock so he can get a ride to the bus stop. Seriously, there is a bus stop RIGHT OUTSIDE THE STORE. But, see, he doesn't like to have to use a transfer, so he'd prefer if we drive him the mile down the road to the other bus stop. I've given him one ride. I think that's going to be the only one he gets from me. Sorry, I'm not a taxi cab, he is completely capable of walking or taking a transfer. His time management is not my issue. Of course, since I've already given him a ride once, I'll just have to tell him that I'm going in opposite directions of the bus stop.

I did find out one of the supervisors, when he is on her shift, she sends him home as soon as she clocks on. "Thanks, N. Go ahead and clock out. I don't need you." As she puts it, having him there is like having to babysit a two year old while you are trying to work. I agree with her assessment. The shift goes a lot smoother without him there, I witnessed that on Saturday night.

More to come, you know it. I think the next post will be about the stupid shit that went down with the "managers" that were there while I was away. I've got a few good stories, but I want to see if I can get a few more out of the people still there. :)

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