LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

I need to find a drama llama icon. Just for pizza stories.

-guy buys a soda and is meeting someone. No problem, people do interviews and business stuff in the lobby all the time. It's relatively quiet, no steam wands and cash registers and music playing (the speakers don't work...AGAIN and Uncle Mike took the TV away, probably sold it for coke and hookers) so it's all good. The person he is meeting leaves and he sticks around writing on his notepad. And talking to people that come in. No problem, some people are just friendly. He asks this kid to watch his stuff for a minute and the kid says sure. Kid eats his slice and his dad tells me that the guy asked him to watch his stuff but they have to go. No problem, says I, I'll put it over here so it doesn't walk away. Guy comes back about 30 minutes later and freaks a bit because his stuff is gone. No worries, says I, I put it here! Yay! I catch a whiff of alcohol and think to myself, "Ohhh boy, this is gonna get interesting." It's not even 1 p.m. at this time. Time moves on and he's still there, has used our restroom twice and has gotten two soda refills. No problem, he's behaving. Nice lady comes in, she's there every Monday to have her extra cheese slice, her cookie, and balance her checkbook. He talks to her for a moment and she gives non-committal grunts/nods indicating that she is busy. He leaves her alone. Another woman comes in, she is on her cell phone for a moment when she gets off the phone, he asks her to fix his watch.


It's getting on to 2 p.m. now. This guy has been there since about 11:30 a.m. and in walks an older guy. He orders his food and goes and sits down to wait. Duder starts talking to him and N, the cook of flaming hair, hears him say, "Are you pregnant?" OK. GAME OVER. You just insulted a customer and we could hear you. Old guy takes it in stride, laughs it off. I go grab C and let her know, "Hey, you gotta get rid of this guy. He just asked the old guy if he was pregnant." I can see her heave a big sigh. "Welcome to Management," says I. So, she goes out and tells the guy he's gotta go. He tries to argue and asks her if he can stay and he'll be good and she says, "nope, gotta go. You have a minute to get out of here."

He starts writing a note about how he still likes ye olde MGP even though we are kicking him out. Yeah. So that was fun.

- driving by the Bambi Bar around 8:30 p.m. and see three cop cars and the paddy wagon. I see them loading someone into the paddy wagon...feet first.


Pretty slow night. Nothing too exciting. Sad day. The tips were hella not exciting as my first run got me thirty cents. You read that right $.30. I detest that woman.


Really slow until after the memorial service. Then it picked up a little bit. It was one of those nights where a lot of cleaning got done during the evening. That is a true rarity. The new guy, we'll call him Spy for now (it's possibly he might be one for Oz, the old/new owner) is TERRIBLE. I understand that you are new and aren't quite sure of how to do stuff yet, but show some freaking initiative. Ugh. And common sense. We had to rewash some dishes because he kept putting the rag back into the sanitizer water after he would use it to dust something off. *sigh*

And that's pizza drama for today. More tomorrow. I'm working with Grumpy and Flaming Hair. Grumpy is going to be sniping at him all night long. I should pay attention just to give you all the gems of the conversation. :)

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