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Just because I can do as many updates as I want :)

So, today, I did some laundry (which I have to get out of the dryer) and some schoolwork (I completed my required due assignment. Tomorrow I will probably start responding to other answers) and then I went to the the grocery. Oh man. I spent $160!!! I can't believe it. Although, I think I got us enough food for about a week and a half. I splurged a bit on a few things, like half and half. Instead of getting the store brand I bought the T.G. Lee brand because it was a UPromise purchase. But, I bought four different kinds of meats for probably two weeks, some chicken, beef (which will be used in one night, really good strip steaks, they were on sale) some hamburger meat which I halved and wrapped separately, pork chops and italian sausage. Josh makes this awesome meat sauce with sausage. Sooooo good!! I got us some more soups and lunch meat, bread, and some produce. Now, as I was reading labels last week I discovered that ketchup uses high fructose corn syrup. I was shocked!! I found some unsweetened ketchup in the "hippie" food aisle. Give that a shot. Man, that was just surprising to me. I also bought some "Choice" snack bars. They are snack bars for diabetics. Sometimes I get a bit noshy at work and need a little something to eat. Instead of taking cookies or chips I decided that this would be a better alternative. So, I'll take those to work with me, I hope they don't taste horrid. I also got a cereal called "Soy Flakes". I hope those don't suck either. They had a bit more fiber than the granola I've been buying and less sugar. They have a bit more salt though, but I figure with all the water I'm drinking, it won't hurt me. I was so tempted to buy some Squirt though. I haven't had Squirt in close to a year. For those of you who don't know what Squirt is, it is the absolutely BEST citrus type soda out there. Man, it's just too good. I managed to avoid buying it though. I bought some spinach dip too. Publix makes the absolute BEST spinach dip. It is freaking awesome. Man, it's just too damn good.
So, yeah, fun times at the grocery. Spent about 90 minutes there too. Freaking crazy. Oh, and just some TMF'nI, if ANYONE who reads this has issues with not being regular, get some Detox Tea from Yogi Tea, I think you can find it in health food stores or any organic section of a grocery. I won't go into too much detail, but I'm pretty cleaned out right now. :)

Okay, off to make something for dinner, either spinach dip or vegetarian chili :)

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