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01:27pm 31/03/2011
I've been going to the gym. About every other day, although, I took the weekend off since I figured 12 hours of housework/moving/packing/hanging out was plenty of working out. I went to the gym with a friend of mine on Tuesday night. He made me get on the elliptical machine. Five minutes into it, I was starting to drip with sweat. I managed 15 minutes before I was ready to die. But, I worked out for just under 90 minutes (treadmill and bike) and felt pretty good. I wasn't too sore yesterday, but I decided to rest my muscles and go hang out.

I stepped on the scale and found that I am down to 263. Now, this isn't my lowest weight (I was about 230 in high school), but to see a 9 pound loss in less than a month is great! I don't really feel deprived of food since I will still have little bits of "naughty" things (yesterday was a going away cake and ice cream thing), but mostly just keep with my tasty hummus, low calorie, good tasty stuff. The fact that I can find places that cater to low-calorie or low-carb options more and more adds to the ease of sticking with it.

The best part is that I have someone to commiserate with: parilous. She's my obsessive "diet" buddy. It is nice to know that your BFF is able to clue you into fast food options and be naughty with you occasionally. :)
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