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(no subject)  
12:26pm 02/04/2011
I overslept this morning. Oops. I'm doing family satisfaction surveys for work and it's as boring as it sounds. Not to mention, a lot of the guardians and parents really don't feel like talking to me. Nor I to them, to be quite honest. But, it has to be done quarterly. Blergh.

Doing some grocery shopping today. I'll be sending a care package to my cousin, she's having a bit of a budget crisis, so I figured I'd send a few things along to ease her food budget. She's a good kid, I want her to succeed out there in the big city.

I got a photo radar speeding ticket. I'll be taking the class and only paying $220 instead of $322. Stupid school zones. THERE WEREN'T ANY DAMN KIDS AROUND. Put them on leashes, says I!

Jean Auel, author of the Earth's Children series, finally released the last book in the series. So far, I'm a bit bored with it. I appreciate the amount of work that has gone into the research for this series, but seriously, TWO PAGES of cave drawing descriptions is kind of boring for someone not involved in that line of research and work. I just want her to stick to the story. Also, the constant repetition of certain information is getting old, too. Rawr. I have a feeling that entire series that I have shall be going to the Bookmans when I'm done.

An old friend found me via LinkedIn. It's kind of amazing, the internet. We had a short email exchange and for some reason, I think we'll be waiting another 11 years before we make contact again. Too bad. He's pretty cute and single again. Ha!

Ok, back to calling guardians/parents. I need to get as much of this done today as possible.
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(no subject)
04:01am 13/04/2011 (UTC)
Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

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