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Oh hi! I'm still alive! *cut into Pearl singing "Alive"*

I may go into something more in depth over the weekend, but for now, some bullet points.

*I only have internet access at work. I am still reading you all every day, but I just haven't found the time to post between working and what not

*I'm still living at the condo, but there has been a bid put in for the short sale. I'll know more on Monday if the auction/foreclosure has been postponed so that I can sell it to the buyer via short sale.

*I have an interview with a coffee shop for a part time position. I <3 the coffee they sell there and the people seem really friendly. I believe it pays more than the pizza job and I wouldn't need to use my car.

*If I get the coffee job, I will leave the pizza job.

*I had a positive report from the doctor about my progress, but I don't feel like I can see the progress.

*I am going to do a vegan diet starting June 1st, move to vegetarian on July 1st, and then see where I am as of August 1st.

*I bit my tongue really hard today. It bled. I'm ok now.

*I've been reading a lot. I like reading. I have a whole post in my head about this one book that I read. I may eventually get around to writing that post.

*I have an art project rolling around in my head. I will eventually get around to getting that done, too.

*I get to buy a book tonight at Barnes & Noble. I'm pretty excited.

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