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(no subject)  
05:17pm 20/06/2011
Housing situation is still slightly in flux. The buyer is interested in renting to me, but given that this is an arm's length contract, I don't know if that is possible. It would be nice, though. Especially if he is willing to accept $400/mo. Otherwise, there is an apartment opening up on 8/15 that I am interested in (hopefully, it is on the first floor) and I should have the customary 90 days to vacate the premises. Keep your fingers crossed that I can rent from the new buyer provided he accepts my offer of $400.

Job situation: my job is dissolved. As of now, I have only to write one more report for the month. In a way this is nice since I am concentrating on completing all of the closed charts. We'll see if I can get them done by the end of the month. I'll be speaking to my supervisor to go work in the group homes if there is nothing that can be done in an administrative capacity after the merger for the company. Not my ideal situation, but it's a stop gap until I can figure out the next step.

More than likely, I'll just start applying for jobs that pay at least what I was making as a manager for pizza. I was able to afford everything at that point and since I'll have no more mortgage or HOA fee, I should be good to go as far as money goes for that. I did find an interesting listing to be a forensic technician for the Sheriff's department. I could take pictures, totally. Then, when I watch CSI I can be all, "OMG THERE IS NO WAY THAT HAPPENS...EVAR!" :) :) :)

If I absolutely have to, I can move back to Florida and probably move in with my grandfather. This is not the most ideal of situations seeing as he smokes like a chimney and has a dog. I will need to buy stock in an air purifier company.

Vegetarianism is going well. I can see my skin clearing up a bit and the fried chicken and hot dog cravings are almost gone. Mostly it's when I read about them that I'm all OMG NEED CHICKEN NOW! I haven't given in yet. And I won't. I made a bet with someone that I could stay vegetarian until at least August 8th. I don't like losing bets.
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(no subject)
02:14am 21/06/2011 (UTC)
If you want help/support on the vegetarianism, feel free to drop me a note. Tell me what you're missing, craving for and I'll offer some suggestions. I was vegetarian for about 14 years, then went vegan. I've especially enjoyed it since I learned how to cook, which is cheaper than buying prepared foods anyways. Good luck!
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