LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

The house sale/deal fell through. Over $900.

The buyer decided that it was the principle of the thing and he didn't want to pony up any more money. Even after both his and my realtors offered to pony up the cash.

No sale.

So, I've had to postpone putting a deposit on an apartment because I don't know if the bank is going to accept the offer from the 2nd buyer we had lined up. Their offer is $5k less than the original offer.


And, I'm good. Anyways, I'm more ragey about my job than anything. I'm going to be working in a group home on the weekend overnight shifts instead of my nice, cooshy, flexible, work from home clinical writing job. On the bright side, I still HAVE a job, but whatever. I don't even know how much freaking money I'm going to be making at this point. So ridiculous.

The best thing? I heard a rumor that they may be looking for a QA person to handle all non-group home departments. REALLY?! REALLY?!?!? *sigh* dumbasses

I'm still figuring out what to do about stuff, but, perhaps the universe will finally get around to sending me a memo. :)
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