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04:42pm 08/08/2011
There is an apartment complex near where I lived when I had my first apartment. I may look into that place, it's pretty cheap. I'll be using my days off this week to bring stuff from my storage room back into the condo for an final once over of what goes and what stays. I need to check and see how big these places are (floorplans are great and all, but you know, it's better to see in person). The studio is 327 square feet. Ouch. But, I can totally manage that.

There is a different complex having a special for $299/month for a year lease. They are also studios. I figure I can live in a studio for a while. I just won't have a couch or place for anyone else to sit. HA!

I need to get rid of some mats on Loretta. I will see if I can find a mat removal type brush before I fork over the cash to get her groomed. It is pretty pricy.

Anyways, off to the dollar store for bandages and soap. I've been chewing my cuticles pretty badly lately and I need to stop. I figure I don't do it at work, but I do it at home. I'll just bandage up my fingers while I'm home that way I won't be tempted. :)

More news as it develops. Later kids.
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