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11:08pm 29/11/2011
I'll be traveling on Christmas Day to Tennessee. Yay! I get to see Heather! Yay!
I agreed to help out a friend, K, who has 2 foster children. He is taking them on a road trip to Ohio and Tennessee over their winter break. He asked if I would be willing to drive back with him so that it can be a non-stop drive, each of us taking turns driving. I agreed. We haven't worked out a "payment" yet, but either he can cover my expenses on the drive back (food and coffee) or he can pay for the plane ticket. We'll see. Although, I'm willing to cover all of my expenses on my own anyways, as I get to see one of my oldest friends for almost a week. And putter around Chattanooga and see if it's a place that I would consider living in.

I'm getting over the shortest cold in the world. I'm happy it's the shortest cold ever, though. Not having sick time or vacation time really eats into your abilities to make the bills at the end of the month.

I ventured out on Black Friday to Target. I bought a Dyson. I've been reading reviews and heard from B, that, well, it's not the best thing out there. I still have the box. I think I'll be taking it back. My vacuum works fine. I mean, well, it's kind of heavy, but other than that, it's a good little soldier. Thankfully, I didn't use it. Just pulled it out and assembled it. I feel a LITTLE bad about having taken it out of the box and all, but, I still have the receipt. somewhere around here.
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