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11:46pm 24/12/2011
Since I'll be on the road for the New Year holiday, I figured I'd go ahead and do the year in review. But before I do, my hands are very itchy. Because they are dry. And chapped. And cracked. Yay for constantly shoving your hands in hot water and bleach! :)

And, thinking about it, well, you all know the year, if you really want to know it more, feel free to run through my posts :)

I am headed to Tennessee on Christmas day and should be there by late night. I'm super excited to see Heather again. I haven't seen her in almost three years now. I am, however, sad to be leaving my little life behind. But, that's ok, because absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that jazz.

Work was kind of slow today, didn't make the hundreds that I thought I would, but I made enough to cover a drink for a customer tomorrow (one of our at least twice a day regulars) and compensation for my friend who will be feeding the cats while I'm gone. So that's nice. Which reminds me, need to pay the rent before I leave.

All right kiddos, I'll see ya next year! Ha!
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