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(no subject)  
09:16am 27/01/2012
Right now, the car is going to cost me $1200 to get fixed. I kind of have no choice.

fuck everything about this situation and the tidal wave of bullshit that is about to go down because of it.

just fucking fuck it.
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(no subject)
03:33am 28/01/2012 (UTC)
Wednesday Lee Friday
Nope, they turned me down.
Too bad, they pay well, but they are damn competitive.

I've had a few things picked up by affiliates at Associated Content--which is basically Yahoo.
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(no subject)
03:37am 28/01/2012 (UTC)
Yeah, tried to get into my account with them today. I can't remember my passwords and what not. Ha!

Just wondering about demand, I have an account through them, too, but there doesn't seem to be anything available right now. But, I don't feel like figuring out why right now. Anynoodles, groovy man.

Did you try textbroker? The only way to make any real money is high volume, but it's www.textbroker.com just in case you haven't tried it yet :)
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(no subject)
03:47am 28/01/2012 (UTC)
Wednesday Lee Friday
I'm trying to stay away from straight content writing if I can. We'll see how desperate I get. ;-]

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