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Friday was an interesting day at work. Things are fine. La la la. We have five people in, because, hey, why not? Actually, it was a new idea that Crazy Dave was experimenting with, and it was a pretty good idea, too. But, that's a different story. Right, so I'm making drinks on Window 1 with this kid, let's call him Steve. Steve is taking orders, telling them to me, and cashing people out. Groovy.

Window 2 features Mary, let's call her, and we'll call him Burt. Mary is functioning along the same lines as Steve, and Burt is making drinks and cleaning the machine at the same time (quite talented, no?). Right. If I had the patience, I would totally draw a diagram in paint right now.

Ok, I found the patience:

As you can see, it's a pretty cramped space. Also, this is NOT to scale :)

Right, so Steve says, "Pulling jar 1 for change for the drawer." No big deal, we will do this a few times during a shift to refill the register with change. So, he is ringing me out, calling out orders, and cashing out change. Mary is essentially doing the same thing, minus the change part. Great. Steve makes a comment to me about how it's kind of difficult to keep everything straight, but he is doing a pretty good job helping me keep the lines moving, so it's all good. I give him some encouragement, and all is well. About 10 minutes go by and he says, "I don't remember if I put some money in the drawer or in the bucket, but we are missing $10. I think." So, he isn't quite sure where this $10 went. No big deal, we can audit the drawer if necessary. If it is over by $10, we'll pull it and put it back in with the tips. If it is essentially even, then we know it went in the bucket, or fell behind the reach in. Whatever. Shit happens.

Remember that fifth person? That's Bob. So, Mary goes to Bob to tell him something outside (which I deduced later, because, at this point, I'm trying to clean and get things ready for the next rush of the morning). It is about 9:15 at this point in the morning shift. Steve and I are cleaning, Burt is finishing up cleaning the machine at Window 2, things are fine, la la la. Bob comes back into the store and barks at me, "Alica, watch the windows. Steve, come with me when you are done with that order." Now, Bob has never really been short/barky with me, so I know something is up. As an aside, I also thought he said to "wash" the windows. I was really confused as to why I had to clean windows at that point when we had a much longer list of things to do at that point in the morning, but I'm not the boss, what do I know? We discovered upon reflecting the next day that he told me to watch them. Ha!

So, now we have Steve, Mary, Bob, and Burt outside. I'm by myself. On a Friday morning. Uh oh. No wacky hijinks or montages ensued as Burt came back in when I had two cars (one at each window). We start serving cars, but, Burt left the back door open, so I could see Steve gesturing and caught occasional snatches of conversation. Angry tones. Uh oh. This can't be good. I say, "Um, Burt, you might want to close the door, I don't think I'm supposed to be hearing whatever is going on outside."
"Yeah. Uhhh, good point."

This goes on for about 15 minutes. Then Crazy Dave shows up. Burt, Bob, and Crazy Dave are the owners of the shop, in case you didn't know. By this time, the conversation has moved over to the dumpster area of the parking lot. Our parking lot is pretty huge as we share the land with another building that is currently a church (used to be a gym). So, Burt and I are working and I finally ask him, "Ummm, soooo, what's going on?"
"Mary says she saw Steve steal tips."
Because, seriously, what can you say? Especially when you don't believe it.

Steve stays by his car and Bob and Mary come back into the shop. Mary goes back to working, and Bob calls Burt out. He, Crazy Dave, and Burt go have a meeting by the church building. I ask Mary, "What the fuck is going on?"
"I saw Steve take tips. I don't care what he does with the drawer or the shop, but that is taking money from my son."
"Uh, ok."
Because, really?

Then Bob comes in and calls me outside. Sigh. He asks me what I saw, I tell him I didn't see Steve take anything, but, then again, I was too busy working to pay attention to what he is doing with the money. I tell him I heard him announce pulling in the jar, I saw him counting out change while he was ringing people out, and that was it. I didn't see anything else because I wasn't paying attention. He says okay and I go back inside.

The three owners go back outside and chat with Steve some more. Then Burt comes back in. Mary is watching from one of the windows in the shop and then goes BACK OUTSIDE. Burt and I look at each other like, "WTF?" because, dammit, it's starting to get a little busy again AND we are so far behind in cleaning it's not even funny at this point. She comes back in again, and then starts watching again. I hear her say, "You have got to be fucking kidding." Steve was getting into his car and Crazy Dave and Bob were heading back to the shop.

I just kind of glanced at her, because, again, I don't believe that he actually stole money, and she's a bit of a drama queen. Burt is back to cleaning the machine and the area around it. She heads to the back of the store, I figure she is going to start doing dishes or get the mop or something pertaining to work...NOPE. She has her purse and her drink and she says, "I'll be back on the 15th to get my last check," and she walks out the door. This is 10:30 a.m. A freaking HOUR of drama. For reals.

Burt says, "What did she say?"
"Uh, I think she just quit, dude," says I.
"Oh. Shit."

Now, Steve has pulled up to window 1 at this point. Turns out, he forgot to get his wife a drink :) Steve, Bob, and Crazy Dave see Mary leaving and are all just like, "WTF?" So, Steve moves his car again and says to CD and Bob, "Well, do you want me to stay and help you guys clean up at least?" Because, you see, CD and Bob weren't really supposed to be there that day. Fun stuff. They allow Steve back in, and he kicks it into high gear, and Burt and I are back on track to getting things back in order for the rest of the day.

Burt calls Mary to find out, uhhh, WTF, and she doesn't call him back all day. Or Saturday. She calls on Sunday. At 6:30 a.m. She is supposed to be in at 11 that day. But, you know, she quit, so Steve got her hours. She says to Burt, "I didn't quit. I threw my back out. I will be back in two days."

I heard about this on Monday. I think I laughed for a full five minutes. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Yeah. So, Burt calls her on Monday and tells her this (paraphrased): Sorry I couldn't really talk to you on Sunday, but it was busy and I was by myself in the shop. Considering you walked out on your shift and stated that you would be back for your last check, that is considered a voluntary quit. We need your keys back and you can have your last check once we receive them.

Her (paraphrased) response was: I feel that that was a hostile work environment, I don't really think that I quit, but this seems like this is going to be fun.

Uh oh. She came to the shop a little later on Monday, drove up to window 1. I says to her, I says, "Hey lady!"
"Hi. I'm here for my check."
"Okey dokey. Hey Burt, Mary is here for her check."
"Ok," says he.
He gets her check, she stonily looks at him while she hands over the keys, and then she peels out of there like it's a racetrack. We look at each other. "Well, that was exciting."

The best part of all it? She intimated that I had done some shady things while there. I know how to rip them off. However, as I'm a fairly honest person, I choose not to. What's the point? I'm not going to lose my job to gain an extra $5-10 a day in stolen money. It's just not worth the aggravation. Or the trouble. Or whatever.

So, Mary is gone. She was a nice girl, but damn, that was some crazy shit. Yay coffee drama!

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