LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

So, new dude quit.

He was scheduled at 9 this morning. It gets closer to 9 and he isn't there, but we keep rocking and rolling and kind of keeping an eye on the clock. Nothing. NG is usually early, too, so we are saying, "I have a feeling..."

9 comes and goes, no NG. Oh well, guess he quit, and we kick it into high gear because it's just the three of us from that point forward. Now I know I'll be staying late (which was fine, I agreed to do it) and begin hoping that I don't have to work on Monday, because, I really want my two days off in a row. REALLY BAD.

We do our thing, la la la, and one of the owners comes back from his break (he had a split shift today) and says, "NG sent a text to quit today! One minute before his shift was supposed to start. I just texted back to him, 'Oh. Okay.'"

I'm paraphrasing, but here it is: Per your threat on Thursday during our conversation, I have mulled my decision over since then, and I have decided. I Quit. Your pompous, high-seated, demeaning attitude is the main issue that I have with this job and how you treat highly educated, part time, minimum wage workers. Please mail my check to blah blah blah. Sincerely, Mr. New Guy"

Yes, he added sincerely. :)

And while he is right about the owner's attitude, it isn't ALWAYS that way, but, I have my own issues with the guy that I deal with in my own way. Generally, I cherish days when I have either no time scheduled with him or very little time. Just gotta put your game face on.

Anyways, I'm not too sorry to see NG go. He was nice enough, but, um, I think he thought the job was beneath him in some ways (please reference "highly educated" in the quitting text) and was generally kind of a hipster. In his defense, he wasn't emo, so that was good. :)

Good times. The happy ending of the story? I still get to keep my Monday off. YAAAY!

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