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Got home in about an hour or so after we left. Traffic was just creeping along. *sigh* Well, I think next week it will be better, the snowbirds should be gone. I wanted to murder again today. Don, immediate boss, is grating on my nerves. It was a holdover from yesterday really. Since I have started taking the times, I have been getting things done in a timely manner. Yesterday, there was a wrench thrown in the wheel. We had to have the guys come in at 4 to get their new phones and return their old ones. They all got Nextels. Don is still debating about getting me one. I don't know if I really want one or not. I'm quite happy with the phone that I have, and actually I'm not even happy I really want to throw it in the pool sometimes.
Anyways, so these guys are supposed to give me the times that their guys leave work and get to work everyday. As you can imagine, they say that everyone showed up at the same time and left at the same time (unless they really did leave a bit later). Well, I had asked Bobbie if she would have them come downstairs when they were done so that they could give me the times. She never got the chance, because as soon as they got their new phones they bolted. Don was ripped. He was so pissed off. Plus, he was under the impression that they had been told to come see me after the meeting. I never said anything to them and Bobbie never got the chance to. Anyways, so he was in a foul mood about that. Then today, he was just in a continued foul mood for whatever reason and pretty much acting unbelieving when I told him that I needed something else to do. Apparently, he's never worked with a competent assistant before.
The other thing that is starting to rake on my nerves is his amusement that I listen to the new "liberal" radio station, Air America (www.airamericaradio.com). For some reason, this is the highlight of his day, to make fun of me listening to it. Today, however, was the best. He starts laughing about how Randi is wrong. Now, I've got the volume down pretty low, so he can really only hear that I am listening to someone talk, but can't make out the words. "Um, Don, you can't hear what she's saying, how can you be so sure that she's wrong?"
He paused, stopped laughing and says, "Yes, you're right. I can't know for sure, but something tells me, she's wrong."
*sigh* Fucking Republicans :)

Anyways, I am in a bit of a dilemma on something else. Now, I made a reservation with a rental car company, and they say that they won't use a debit card to make the reservation. Now, here's the thing, if an online retailer will use it as a credit card, why won't the rental car agency?

So, now I can't rent the car because I don't have a credit card. Hardly seems fair. I don't have one because I know that I will keep it maxed out. So, to make my life easier, I just live on cash. Makes sense to me. I guess not to anyone else. If anyone knows whether or not I can sweettalk the guy into letting me rent the car, let me know. :)

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