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Being Shit On

Okay. I know that I need to turn over a new leaf. And here's why...I was treated like a know-nothing moron today, and it really hurt. Mainly because I know I know a few things, I have my finger on the pulse of whatever and ever amen.

Lemme 'splain. This lady that my mother works with at the hospital (not in the same department, but in the same hospital at least) has been approached by some investors to be the CEO of a new vacation destination company or something (the details I know are rather sketchy). Anyways, she was telling my mother about it and my mother in turn told her about me and my brilliantness, etc. So, she asks my mother for my resume. I in turn, create a whole new one, including the latest position that I am holding, extoholing my virtues of common sense and typing abilities, and manage to get a copy in to her in about three days or so. (That was time spent waiting for my mom to run into her so she could give it to her).

So, I was running something by my mom the other day about this new project that these mysterious investors are taking on, and pondering aloud who they are actually targeting as customers, and going on and on about if it is these people then you are this but if it is these people then you are doing that. That sort of thing. So, today, my mother runs into this lady and says, "Hey, my daughter was running something by me the other day to tell you and just wondering what I thought of it, so, what do you think?" And the lady says, "Have her give me a call."

So I do. And I get rebuffed, told I'm going off in the completely wrong direction AND that one of the other things that I brought up was completely different from this investment project. Then she says, "Bye."

That's it, hangs up on me. So, I call my mom back and tell her what happened and I tell her that if she ever brings up any interest in me again, tell her I'm not interested in anything to do with her or her investors. My mother said, no, don't say that, I'll just tell her that she has your resume and knows how to get in touch with you.

I was just shocked and appalled today. Firstly, if she was busy she could have offered to call me back when she wasn't busy or asked me to call at a later time. Secondly, I told her about three times that I wasn't completely sure on the details, this was a just a rough outline of some ideas I had been brainstorming, and she acted like I was asking her for fifty cents and a foot rub while emitting a foul and unpleasant odor.

I was just steamed the rest of the day. I have an education, I have common sense, I have a general idea of what the hell is happening around me and I get treated like some idiot from bumblefuck and I realized then...I don't like that. So...I won't do that anymore. Not that I was notorious for it, but there were times when I would belittle someone (usually they deserved it) and get a perverse pleasure from it. I wonder if I can still do it for those who actually deserve it to.

Ah well, life goes on I suppose. But, I have been feeling rather down lately anyways, and I guess this just plunged me a bit farther down. But, I'll bounce back, I usually do. I guess losing every damn game of Bingo last night didn't help either, and I was on screen when someone else shouted bingo....old hag!! *cough* anyways.

Oh, and my car is going to shitsville in a handcart...that's about it for today folks. Next time!! Snootie Booties!
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