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(no subject)  
08:52pm 23/05/2013
I've been a naughty vegan. I've had dairy quite a bit over the past few weeks. Ok, not like tubs of cream cheese, which funnily enough, I can't stand the taste of anymore. But, I've had a muffin at work here and there, or sour cream and cheese on nachos from Nico's. Or, cheese on potatoes at Shot in the Dark. Mostly, cheddar cheese. I'M TERRIBLE!

I can feel the difference. Also, I feel like my blood pressure is going through the roof. I need to get a new PCAP card so I can go to the doctor. Ugh.

There are a lot of other things going on, but I'm so tired right now. The heat and lack of sleep are draining me right now. I'll just do bullet notes:

* thinking of quitting the coffee shop and going full time with pizza
* things are good with boy, but they are also kind of stagnant
* starting to get financial ducks in a row to further development of start-up truck
* had great brainstorm today for coffee truck called Barista Bros. We could dress like Mario and Luigi and I would wear a mustache
* Mom FINALLY told me that she is moving to Washington state in less than 2 weeks. She is separating from my dad, but they are not getting a divorce...yet.

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(no subject)
07:19pm 25/05/2013 (UTC)
re: your mom -- Well, that would make for a nice place to visit.

I'm surprised that you're thinking of quitting the coffee shop! We have to catch up.

Love the idea for Barista Bros. Hee hee!

That's fascinating about your feeling worse because of cheese in your diet. I'm so not in tune with my body that unless I'm throwing up, I'm unlikely to notice any affect food has on it.
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