LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Oh hey! Imagine meeting you here.

I'm rarely on my laptop, but I do check LJ on my phone. However, the app has gotten really buggy, so I can't check the comments left on stuff. That kind of sucks, but it also keeps me from reading lots of comment wank on the communities I read. :)

I'm making some chili right now. Seems odd since it's hot out, but I figured, hey, why not? One of my coworkers mentioned it, and I said, "Hey, that sounds tasty!"

I'm back on the vegan wagon as of 4/1. Oddly, it's harder this time around. But, at the same time, it's a little easier since I know more of what I can eat off the top of my head. Mostly, I don't care so much anymore what I cook at home, so, I eat a lot of veggies "stir fried" with rice. Lots of soy sauce. I should probably cut back on the soy sauce, but it's pretty tasty.

I'm still with J. We're living together now. Like, splitting rent and everything. It's still a little lopsided in terms of household breakdown, but, we are getting there. We are going to Vegas next month, that should be fun. Finally, HOTEL SEX! WOOO!!!! :)

I quit MGP and now I'm back at coffee. I've got this new outlook on it, which is nice. More relaxed. Less trying to be as helpful (management material) and more just "I'm here to do my job, I will do my job, and then, I will go home. Yaaay!" No more volunteering to do x, y, or z. Nope, not happening.

I'm going to try to come back a bit more to LJ, because I mostly used this to keep things down so I could just go back and be all, "Oh yeah, that's when that happened. Duh!" In the meantime, I have to portion out the chili for tomorrow, so I'm gonna go ahead and end this now. Yeah, so there ya go. :)

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