LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

I got to eat at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. That's pretty exciting. :)
My parents, J, and I went to Vegas last week. It was actually a really fun time. My legs were pretty sore for two days afterward after all that walking, but, all in all a good trip. J got his first airplane ride and "fancy" hotel.
We stayed slightly off strip on Flamingo Drive, it was ok. Palms Place hotel and spa. J and I walked over to the Gold Coast and the Rio a few times at crazy o'clock in the morning.

I will say, the bathroom at the hotel was amazing. Whirlpool soaker tub, walk in shower with rain head and a removable sprayer nozzle thing. Very awesome.

I think we were probably pretty gross to people passing by with the PDAs and what not. It's weird for me how far we've come. Honestly, this is the first real relationship I've ever been in. And, man, it's a lot of work, but it's also fun.

I have health insurance through coffee job. That's so amazing to me. And they are paying for it. I'm only paying for dental and vision. I can go get an eye exam and glasses! yaaay! I can get free cleanings for my teeth! yaaay!

I've already got a lady doctor appointment scheduled. So that's good. Now to find a PCP if she can't be that for me (the lady doctor that is). April has made a recco on that, so I'll be heading in that direction.

On a sadder note, one of our favorite customers died over the weekend. She was such a nice lady. She gave me an earring and bracelet set, and I wore it to Vegas. I was so excited to tell her when I got back how it went perfectly with a dress I had bought for the trip, but she doesn't get to hear that now. Or have her mint green tea ever again. :( She was a great lady. I'm going to miss her. We all are. We all loved serving her.

I think J had a good birthday. Next year is his big 30. Maybe I should start planning something now. :)

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