LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Numbers numbers numbers

My labs from June show my cholesterol at 224. Not great, but not terrible! :)
My A1c is 12.6%. Ouch.

So, she put me on an insulin shot. Every morning I have to do some deep breathing and then jam a needle into my stomach. I think I hit a vein a few days ago because I'm bruised, but it doesn't hurt, which is a plus.

I've been doing pretty good with the calories. The first few days were HORRIBLE. All I wanted to do was eat eat eat. I've kind of normalized at this point. I've been putting in everything to myfitnesspal for calorie tracking. Back on the gym wagon. Thinking about taking a yoga class once a week or something and well, just being.

On a challenge for myself, I made a mock chicken salad. It wasn't too bad.

food 006

Needed salt, so I tossed on some Louisiana hot sauce. mmmmmmm the best sauce evar

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