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06:28pm 12/03/2015
One of my coworkers quit Wednesday in the middle of his shift. Yaaay! I felt bad about it, but, it was a long time coming. There was a brief moment there where I thought I was going to be following him out the door. Luckily, Douchey D changed his tune, so I was able to keep the golden handcuffs on a while longer. But, dear oh dear, I'm ready to go. And now, next week, I'm scheduled 49 hours. Up from the original 46 I was scheduled. My feet are screaming at me right now.

What was really funny, before all this happened, I was thinking about asking for a schedule reduction of hours. Like working 9-7 Monday through Thursday or something. But, right now, that's not going to happen. However, I am going to be very stingy with my Sundays. I'll be requesting off probably every second or third Sunday, because I really really really hate working Sundays. I don't feel the money is worth it. The tips I get aren't any better than working a different day of the week. Even closing at 4, we aren't leaving until 4:30 because we get super busy in the last 15 minutes of the shift. Then proceed to spend time during our cleaning telling people driving up that we are closed. Not that they are listening to what we are saying.

I'll be applying to get a food handler's card next month. Then I can register myself as a Home Based Confectionary business. Yaaay! I'm working out food costs and recipes right now.

In other news, today I was supposed to be a witness for the defense in a criminal proceeding in City Court. However, the guy pled to a lesser charge at the very vocal encouragement of his attorney. I was able to have a fairly restful day off after that. So that was nice.
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