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04:14pm 26/03/2015
Nothing major going on in life right now. Work is being silly. They want to give T and I more "authority" and "compensation for said authority" without actually coming to any conclusions as to what "authority" they will give us. For real, it's just super silly. Because, see, if they "promoted" us and gave us titles like "Shift Leader" then there would be FIVE chiefs and four Indians. FIVE. So, like a one to one, almost. We should hire one more person, then :)

On the one hand, yes it's nice to be recognized for being good at your job, but on the other it's kind of like, "Oh REALLY? YOU REALLY REALLY THINK I CAN DO THE JOB?" I'm way too cynical for my own good.

Today is the first 90 degree day of the year. It's so hot. SO HOT.

Moving closer and closer to my own startup. I was going to do some cooking and what not today, but I'm really just enjoying being all lazy. Although, I did do my income taxes. So that's nice. That refund is going to be my start up money, essentially. It's kind of fun to think of it that way. I'm also looking forward to ordering from the ULine catalog. James, a boyfriend of a friend, is doing my logo design. I'm hoping it comes out amazing. I think he'll do a great job.
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