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01:13pm 15/07/2015
I've been watching Parks and Rec again. Sometimes I think that April and Andy are kind of like me and J. Maybe I'm projecting too much. Ok, projecting a lot. The episode where she helped him do a bunch of stuff on his bucket list, I kind of feel like that I'm in that episode.

Georges, the truck, is down again. You see, this is why he's a tempermental Frenchman. Funnily enough, just got a phone call about it. $400 repair. How exciting. The alternator is bad, so, tax, labor, parts, blah blah blah. Siiiigh. I'm really tired of bleeding money right now. I was thinking about taking three days off for a quick trip to Vegas, but that's not going to happen. Raaaawr.

It's ok. I'm still taking days off around my birthday. I have some rewards points that I can cash in for a hotel in town. At least that will be a bit of a relief. I'm working way too many hours right now and it's really really really really starting to affect me. Effect? Whatever.

So, now, on my day off, when I could be doing stuff, all I want to do is just sit here. So I am. However, if I do manage to find the cloth for Loretta, then that will be the big achievement of the day. :)
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