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12:37pm 18/11/2015
Well, No Car November hasn't been very No Car-y. BUT, I've cut back a LOT on my driving. Taking the bike or bus to work is a good change of pace. Need to put some air in the front tire of the secondary bike, and air in the back tire of the primary. Siiigh, for someone so full of hot air, you'd think this wouldn't be an issue.

My job FINALLY decided to do a test run of carrying my pastries. I'm going to give them 12 muffins to try out (a variety of flavors, probably the orange, blueberry, and chocolate) for December 4th. I think it's a little silly that I'm having to jump through THIS MANY hoops, but, fine. It's uncharted territory for them. I'm also playing on their sales slow down. This is a way to give a little boost I think. A new category of customer for them: dirty hippies. :) Dirtier than the ones we already have, anyways.

Today I'm off to see Hunger Games! Yaaay!!! I'm pretty excited about it. OK, time for a shower, and then off I go!
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