LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Science Fiction Double Feature

Well, there was no science fiction, just a nice little obRockyHorror :)

Anynoodle, I did do a double feature today, White Oleander and Red Dragon. Both good films. White Oleander, I feel, could have been a bit better, spending more time on different characters and what not, but all in all, a good movie, as true to the book as Hollywood can get.
Red Dragon was awesome!! I loved it. I think I need to wait a week or so before I see it again, but it was great. No gratuitous violence/blood/gore. Great story line, I was told that it followed the book pretty much to the tee (just a few changes and one or two things left out, no doubt stuff that will be on the deleted scenes section of the collector's edition dvd).

Just wanted to share that with you all, just in case you were wondering about Red Dragon. I think people are a bit hesitant after the horror (and I don't mean scary) that was Hannibal (bleh, *shudder*) Gawd, that movie sucked.

Okay...on with your lives...
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