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Mustant o' my heart

Dear Lord in Heaven. I want a 'Stand convertible sooooooooooooooooooooo bad now. We got a 2004 40th Anniversary pretty much fully loaded convertible from Hertz for the weekend. It came with Sirius satellite radio and a 6 cd changer, auto everything and lots of power. Now, I've been driving my Saturn for almost 2 years now. This was a nice change. Just tap on the gas and you are off. It still got pretty good gas mileage though, so that was good. $180 for the weekend with insurance. Not too shabby for a weekend of fun and no miles on my car. :)

We got to Orlando about 9:45 Friday night. Had some munchables with the girls while we waited for one more to show and decided that staying in and drinking margaritas and eating cheese would be more fun. And lots of talking and catching up. Saturday we got up kind of early (around 8 or 9) and had a lovely Cracker Barrell breakfast, none of us had been there in so long, and we used to go together all the time. After we gorged on biscuits and gravy and hashbrown casserole we went back to Sarah's and watched "Something's Gotta Give". That was a pretty funny movie. Even though Keanu was in it. Then we went to Wonderworks. Don't go. Ever. Unless you have kids, it really isn't all that fun for the $17 admission fee. The kids can have fun playing with all the science stuff like bubbles and the "shocker chair" (it really just made your hands feel like you were using the lawnmower). Anne tried the Bed of Nails. You laid down on a flat surface and then they raised up the nails underneath you. She said it was prickly, but it really just kind of hurt her butt. :)

The one really cool thing that they had was the rollercoaster simulator. You get to design your own ride. I had to ride twice because they won't let you on by yourself. I was a little sick after that. I can't handle the rides like I used to, horrid side effect of getting old. Then we left and went back to Sarah's and regrouped again. Oh, wait, I remember we just hung out a bit after breakfast and THEN went to Wonderworks and THEN watched the movie. :) I'm a little mixed up. So, after the movie we went to dinner at a place called Hot Olives. Very good food. I had the chicken pompadour with lemon caper sauce. oh my god, I died and went to heaven, AND finished with a lovely piece of carrot cake. OODELALEE! Then we returned back to Sarah's to watch the Chris Rock special on HBO. I fell asleep after about an hour. But, what I saw was really good. We woke up today had a bagel breakfast at Einstein's and set back out on the road.

I love when we have our get togethers. We just regroup like we haven't left each other for a year. We all keep in touch through email and the like, but it's never the same as meeting up face to face and just hanging out. Good times for all. The drive was nice and uneventful. Just jammed to the satellite radio and felt the wind blow over us. We had to turn the air on at one point because it was rather hot, and it was silly, but it felt good. I'm sore and tired now and probably going to have a light dinner just to settle my stomach. I think I may have a touch of sun sickness. Who knows really? I'll settle in with my new book "Against All Enemies" and watch my Charmed and Sopranos and fall into a blissful sleep. I'm going to start scouring the classifieds for convertibles now :)

Well, maybe later. Night guys!

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