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So, I totally almost quit today. I got so pissed off at my "boss" for talking to me like a 5 year old and THEN having the balls to blame my attitude on me quitting smoking and not even thinking about the fact that he could be the reason for my irritation. I have been irritated with him for a while and his talking to me the way he did today just well and truly pissed me off. I said something about it, and he still seems to think he is justified. Right now he's not really talking to me, and when he does he's being all super timid. So, I don't know if he's afraid of me or he's patronizing me even further. I do know that I would love to shove my foot up his ass and rotate it around and around and around until I don't even know what.

I got distracted and now have lost all train of thought. More when I get home.
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