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Abortion?:It's your body, your choice, just make an informed decision
Death Penalty?:I'm against it now, not from a moral standpoint, but from a fiscal standpoint and logic
Prostitution?:Work it girl/boy!
Alcohol?:It's tasty, and a personal choice
Marijuana?:Personal choice and it's tasty and I miss it
Other drugs?:Personal choice, be informed, be responsible
Gay marriage?:happy marriage is where it's at!
Illegal immigrants?:I have a few who are relatives...I'm biased (I don't agree with the driver's licenses though)
Smoking?:I'm quitting, and it sucks
Drunk driving?:Fucking Cocksmooches
Cloning?:It's a scary thought, but science, I guess, needs to progress
Premarital sex?:Fun, yes?
Religion?:Taken too seriously which leads to many issues
The war in Iraq?:Bullshit
Downloading music?:It has its place
The legal drinking age?:21
Porn?:WOO! Personal choice

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

In other news. Yeah, so today bossman leaves early so he can take his son to a golf tournament. I am wondering when I get my own business if I'll get to leave early all the time. That would be fun. :)

More later, we are getting the kids this weekend. I am so excited.

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